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Can you put a price on piece of mind? We can, and it’s not as much as you would think.

The best ideas are always duplicated and the Quick Peek™ is no exception. If you purchase a Quick Peek™ elsewhere, make sure Change of Custody is documented, full seizure documentation is produced, photo documentation is utilized, forensic images are created, and full case pre-processing is executed. The investigation process cannot be short changed just because the price is less. Even though we don’t forgo industry-accepted forensic procedures with the Quick Peek™ Investigations, we still only charge $500 for them. So, if you aren’t sure if something is wrong, but need verification then save yourself the cost of a full-scale investigation.

Cost-effectively validate your need for a full-scale investigation.

  • Are you worried your top engineer is sharing information with a rival company?
  • Do you think your best sales person took your customer list with them to a competitor?
  • Do you think your ex-husband/ex-wife put a keylogger on your computer?

What if you’re not sure? This is why Protegga developed the Quick Peek™ Investigation. A full-scale Digital Forensic Investigation can cost thousands. During a Quick Peek™, our licensed and certified Examiners will follow all normal and customary forensic protocols while spending several hours looking for evidence. Since our procedures aren’t compromised, if we validate your suspicions, we can move quickly to a full-scale Digital Forensic Investigation. If our investigators find no evidence of wrong-doing, then you’ve saved thousands in investigative and preservation costs.

Don’t let your intellectual property or customer list walk out the door. If you suspect something is wrong, then act on your suspicion and have Protegga perform a Quick Peek™ Investigation.