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The Protegga team can forensically and defensibly capture Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from any number of sources, including laptops, desktops, workstations, network servers, network storage, email servers, cloud environments, RDBMS, RAID arrays, live systems, backup tapes, PDAs, cell phones, Apple MacOS systems and IOS systems like iPhone and iPad, CDs/DVDs and third party storage sources, including internet-based services such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Office 365, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yahoo and MSN. Our highly trained Digital Forensic Experts create and maintain industry-accepted documentation accompanying all ESI collection and analysis projects. Our examiners are experienced at testifying in court to support the adequacy and reliability of our processes, helping you defend against spoliation concerns. Additionally, to cut cost on travel expenses, we offer remote ESI collection services, if fitting for the case, to complement our traditional, onsite ESI collections.

Protegga collection experts are often used by our competitors to save their clients money. Even if you choose one of our competitors for hosting your eDiscovery data, consider using Protegga to save money on the initial collection of your Electronically Stored Information. Protegga also offers an extremely cost-effective pre-filtering solution designed to save thousands to hundreds of thousands on initial loading and eReview expenses.

  • Certified collection experts with national and international support
  • Industry-leading imaging technology
  • Industry-accepted chain-of-custody processes for all evidence
  • Remote collection support
  • Court-accepted targeted collection
  • Cost-effective pre-filtering processes
  • Our eReview system not required

Protegga utilizes both hardware-based and software-based write-protect devices to ensure the protection of ESI, such as ForensicSoft SafeBlock and Tableau Forensic Bridges. Imaging is performed hardware-based or software-based, depending on the needs, utilizing AccessData FTK Imager, Logicube Dossier, Sumuri, BlackBag MacQuisition,  and X-Ways Forensics. Targeted collections can be performed utilizing AccessData FTK Imager, BlackBag MacQuisition, X-Ways Forensic, and Pinpoint Labs Harvester. These are examples of some of the tools utilized in past collections. The needs of your case will determine the options available.

As laptops and desktop computers commonly interact with server-based resources, such as file shares, databases and other client-server applications, our expertise is frequently leveraged to acquire data from such servers without disrupting operations. True forensic acquisitions, or targeted collections, can be performed and verified without having to shut down the servers.

Protegga’s Digital Forensics team provides remote preservation and collections in a forensically sound and defensible manner. The team can remotely collect either a bit-stream image (bit by bit) or conduct a targeted collection for selective files. Using the designated computer’s internet connectivity, the forensic examiner will perform their preservation and collection of the ESI. This collection occurs over an encrypted connection; however, it is important to note that no evidence is transferred over the internet; the internet is only used to allow the forensic examiner to access the electronically stored information.

Protegga's Senior Forensic Consultant has provided expert testimony in the areas of collection, analysis and cost.

Due to varying case requirements and differences in Corporate infrastructures, there is not a one solutions fits all when it comes to the identification and collection of responsive electronically stored information. Let the seasoned experts at Protegga assist you in planning and executing a defensible collection solution.