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eDiscovery, also know as e-discovery, Electronic Discovery, Digital Discovery, and more, is the identification, collection, review, and production of information stored in electronic format. Electronically Stored Information (ESI) can consist of, but is not limited to, emails and their attachments, text messages, spreadsheets, presentations, memos, reports, and computer-generated information, such as link files, registry entries, log files, configuration data, and metadata.

What is e-discovery?

Similar to Digital Forensic examinations, one must use strict controls and procedures to ensure that all relevant data is found, that the data is preserved in native format when possible, and that all metadata remains intact. Unlike Digital Forensics, eDiscovery is not an investigation performed by Digital Forensic Experts and does not normally require any special licensing. Although special licensing may not be required, there are definite benefits to having the production of e-discovery executed by a Digital Forensic Expert.

Protegga experts have an in-depth understanding of Operating Systems, Databases, Networks, the Internet, Applications, and a more comprehensive understanding of where all the data can reside in Corporate, Cloud, and Home environments. Additionally, Protegga’s Digital Forensic Experts can ensure all the information provided throughout the eDiscovery process is accurate and complete, and can perform a Digital Forensic Investigation when the eDiscovery process falls short of reasonable expectations.

Protegga, through its partnership with Harbinger eDiscovery, is committed to providing the best, most cost-effective eDiscovery solutions for the identification, collection, preservation, analysis, and recovery of evidence through our Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, and ESI Collection services. Protegga works closely with its clients to define a list of digital devices required based on the specific needs of the case. Sometimes, it is necessary to obtain copies of numerous devices with the intent of initially searching only a few key sources. Protegga stresses forensic consultation as early as possible in the litigation process to minimize any spoliation, intentional or not, of evidence and to ensure a productive execution of the Rules of Civil Procedure.


Protegga’s web-based e-review tool, Harbinger, is one of the highest performing and most functional tools available today for reviewing ESI. Harbinger eDiscovery offers new proof that we continually strive to provide exceptional outcomes for our clients. Harbinger was meticulously developed and designed by attorneys, paralegals, and Protegga’s Digital Forensic Experts to be user-friendly and clutter free.