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Digital Forensics (a.k.a. Computer Forensics) is the collection, preservation, discovery, analysis, and presentation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) found on digital devices and the cloud. Digital Forensic Experts draw upon a variety of methods for discovering, analyzing, and scientifically verifying information that resides on computer systems (desktop, laptop, MacBook, mail servers, file servers), smartphones and cell phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry), GPS (Garmin, TomTom, Magellan), cloud computing environments, network storage devices, social media, other digital devices (iPod, iPad, NetBook, Tablet, MP3), and more.

Digital Forensic investigations differ greatly from both Data Recovery and eDiscovery. Unlike ordinary data recovery efforts, Digital Forensic examinations use strict controls and procedures to ensure that all existing data is found, that the original data is preserved and unchanged, and that any recovered data is admissible in court or in other legal proceedings. Digital Forensic examinations are an investigative process and require an in-depth understanding of operating systems, databases, networks, the Internet, applications, and how and when data is written to storage devices. Most data recovery efforts require very little knowledge of computers or the data contained therein.

eDiscovery is a process by which parties involved in litigation respond to requests to produce ESI. There are definite benefits to having the production of ESI provided by a Digital Forensic Expert, as a true expert would have a more comprehensive understanding of where all the data can reside in any environment. Additionally, Digital Forensic Experts can ensure all the information provided throughout the e-discovery process is accurate and complete or perform a Digital Forensic investigation when e-discovery falls short of reasonable expectations.

Protegga works closely with its client to define a list of digital devices required based upon the specific needs of the case. Sometimes, it is necessary to obtain copies of numerous devices with the intent of initially searching only a few key sources. Protegga stresses forensic consultation as early as possible in the process to minimize any spoliation, intentional or not, of evidence and to ensure a productive execution of the Rules of Civil Procedure. Protegga utilizes industry standard forensic tools to collect digital evidence from a variety of sources and always follows court-accepted chain of custody procedures to ensure the integrity of the digital evidence.

Utilizing state-of-the-art Digital Forensic tools, years of investigative and technological experience, and precise methodologies and procedures, Protegga will accurately pull all the pieces together and break the technology code.

When needed by your matter, Protegga will provide its findings in a concise yet detailed report. Additionally, all recovered evidence is provided, subject to any confidentiality, privilege agreements, or protection orders. Conclusions are provided to the extent they are substantiated by the recovered digital evidence and scientific verification. After Protegga has presented its findings, opposing counsel will almost always call the validity of the digital evidence into question. Protegga provides testimony to present the facts, procedures, methods, and support all conclusions.

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