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Protect your evidence now, or you may compromise any chance of using it later – for as little as $250.

Not sure if a machine or device will be needed later for possible litigation? Has a key player in your business just announced his or her resignation, and you’re worried about proprietary company information walking out the door? Don’t take any chances.

With our Bag & Tag™ service, you can preserve the device, and all the data on it, for use later if you need it. Our Digital Forensic Experts will preserve the evidence, and maintain the chain of custody, so you can remain confident that vital forensic evidence will be available if it’s needed down the road. Whether or not you know you have pending litigation, it’s always a good idea to protect your business investment.

Bag & Tag™ is an inexpensive way to avoid any regrets later on. We fully document the device, remove the hard drive, seal it in an evidence bag, and then log it into a safe in our secure, monitored safe room. The computer will be yours to reallocate to another user. There it will stay until you ask for its return or you decide to go further with your Digital Forensics Investigation.

Litigation sometimes turns on the smallest detail. Don’t be caught without a crucial piece of evidence. Use our Bag & Tag™ service to give you peace of mind at an inexpensive price.