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When your case is in on the line, expect no less!

When you hire Protegga, you’re getting a team of true Digital Forensic Experts on your side. Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, and ESI (Electronically Stored Information) Collection are our full-time profession, not part-time jobs, and are not hobbies.

When you work in our business, it’s imperative to have the proper equipment, facilities, procedures, and security. One of the first things you should ask when hiring a Digital Forensics examiner or ESI collection expert is, “Are they operating from a real office with the proper equipment and security or are they collecting and storing your precious electronic evidence in the bedroom of their apartment?” We can’t speak for other so-called experts out there, but you can rest assured Protegga has the right stuff.

Don’t walk on a tightrope and risk losing your footing. When your personal or business matter is on the line, demand the best – demand Protegga.

System for Accurate Forensic Evidence (S.A.F.E.™)

Protegga’s Computer Forensic Lab

Protegga’s Digital Imaging Room

Secured Storage Room