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Description: Advent is a construction company formed in 2003 with investments from John Doe.

Type of Case: Civil Litigation
Court: Dallas County in Dallas, TX
Plaintiff: John Doe
Defendant: Advent Corp.

Complication: All financial records for Advent Corp. were offsite being analyzed when the accountant’s facilities burned down. All paper records were lost. Further complicating matters, due to an internal relationship gone bad, an employee removed all of the 2003 and 2004 QuickBooks databases and left the organization leaving no knowledge of the passwords required for access.


2003 and 2004 fiscal years

Claims of Plaintiff
John Doe believes profits were substantially higher than claimed by Advent Corp. and, therefore, is owed additional payments based upon a written agreement for a specific percentage of profits.

Defendant’s Response
Advent Corp. claims its records were accurate as reported to John Doe.

Computer Forensic Evidence Recovered

The 2003 and 2004 financial data was reconstructed through forensic data recovery efforts. Hundreds of financial spreadsheets were located, including expenses, job costing, balance sheets, income statements, check ledgers, and petty cash ledgers.

Additionally, all QuickBooks databases were recovered. Once the databases were recovered, password cracking tools were utilized to breach the system. All passwords were removed from the databases, and each was converted to the same format to ease the translation of the financial numbers.


Once all the files were provided to the accountants, accurate data could be used to determine actual profits for the years in question. This assisted both parties in determining a fair and equitable settlement for everyone involved.

NOTE: Protegga LLC respects the privacy of all parties involved in each of our computer forensics investigation cases and, therefore, will not disclose cause numbers, company or individual credentials, or other items that may lead to identification.