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Description: Richard Roe and Jane Doe were divorced on December 15, 2004. Since their separation in May 2004, there have been ongoing issues with harassment, stalking, and physical abuse. Advent Corp. purchases bulk time from a national carrier and is required to be licensed by the FCC. Reseller Company simply resells the services provided by Advent Corp., but Reseller Company has the ability to gain access to Advent’s records.

Type of Case: Criminal Law
Court: Tarrant County in Fort Worth, TX
Plaintiff: Jane Doe
Defendant: Richard Roe, Advent Cellular Corp., Reseller Company

Important: Jane Doe was a customer of Advent, but not a customer of the Reseller Company. Additionally, there was a large amount of evidence, computer and other, that we obtained that will undoubtedly solidified our findings. The findings were based upon the two computers belonging to Jane Doe, her cell phone, her phone records, Advent’s customer support records, and information found on the Internet.

Note: This case required the use of both private investigation and computer forensic techniques.


September 9, 2006 – Online cell phone account access setup.
September 11, 2006 – Jane Doe’s Yahoo email accounts were accessed. Jane Doe’s online cell phone account was modified.
September 12, 2006 – Jane Doe’s Yahoo email accounts, myspace.com account, and cellular phone records were accessed. Richard Roe found access to current cell phone data.
September 13, 2006 – Jane Doe calls Advent’s customer support and verified someone had set up online access to her account. Account was disabled.
November 5 & 6, 2006 – Arguments over emails, myspace.com, and cell phone use directly led to a physical assault leaving Jane Doe hearing impaired in her left ear.
January 23, 2007 – Someone entered Jane Doe’s home and spent the majority of the day retrieving information from her computer. Items were also removed from the home.

Claims of Plaintiff
Jane Doe believes that during the September time frame that her ex-husband had some type of access to her cell phone records. Jane Doe further believes that someone broke into her home sometime in January and accessed her computer.

During the August/September 2006 time frame, there was a short term attempt at reconciliation. While most of us know that physical and emotional abuse never stops, an abused spouse seldom recognizes the problem. Anyway, due to the attempt, Richard Roe was allowed in the home during September and even spent a few nights there. This allowed him access to one of the two computers in the home. Of course, he would only use the computer in the daughter’s room, where he could close the door. The other was in the living area downstairs.

Evidence Recovered
On September 2, 2006, Richard Roe began the process of hacking into Jane Doe’s online accounts, including three separate Yahoo email accounts, a myspace.com account, a match.com account, and her Advent cell phone account. Eventually, he figured out that her online cell phone access had not been set up and on September 9, 2006, Richard Roe set up online access under her name.

On September 11, 2006, Richard Roe successfully breached Jane Doe’s Yahoo email accounts. This same day Richard Roe received two separate emails containing Jane Doe’s cell phone bills via her Yahoo email account. He then forwarded these emails to his own email account, removed all evidence of these emails from her Yahoo account, and reviewed two cell phone bills belonging to Jane Doe. Also on this day, Richard Roe modified her online cell phone setup using his email address, his name, his address, and changed billing to email-only.

On September 12, 2006, Richard Roe again reviewed the cell phone bills and accessed her Yahoo email accounts. This was the day he successfully breached Jane Doe’s myspace.com account. With the assistance of Reseller Company, Richard Roe  retrieved cell phone activity for this day that was not available in the cell phone bills or online. This access to her current data made her suspicious, and on September 13 Jane Doe called into Advent, verified that an account had been set up, verified the identity on the account, and had the account disabled.

Over the course of the rest of September and October, almost continuous arguments ensued over jealous accusations and blind obsession on the part of Richard Roe. jane Doe  still had no clue that Richard Roe had access to her Yahoo email and myspace.com accounts. The arguments finally came to a head and, on November 5 and 6, richard Roe  again assaulted her. This time permanent hearing damage was the result. She filed criminal charges against him and obtained a protective order.

Richard Roe persistently violated the protective order and continued to stalk and harass Jane Doe. On numerous occasions he violated her home space and even spent three nights living in her backyard shed. Thousands of text messages and phone calls were placed. Some of the text messages strongly suggested there was imminent danger of suicide.

On January 23, 2007, while Jane Doe was at work, Richard Roe broke into her home and spent the entire day retrieving data from her downstairs computer. The upstairs computer in the daughter’s room had died in early October. While in her home that day, he reviewed and replaced some of her computer’s contents and accessories with blanks, six CDR discs. He also removed two floppies and a cell phone. The cell phone was later found in his possession by his eldest daughter. Four days later, Richard Roe files for full custody of the children and to release the protective order.

Six days after the release of the protective order, Richard Roe asked Jane Doe on a date consisting of drinking, a motel room, and sex.


There are an abundance of indicators that numerous State and Federal violations have occurred. Some of the possible violations include breach of computer security, computer fraud, harassment, stalking/cyber stalking, criminal trespass, burglary, fraudulent use or possession of identifying information, protective order violations, numerous Federal laws under Title 18 including, but not limited to, pretexting, unlawful access to stored communications, and unauthorized access to financial data.

All information has ben turned over to the District Attorney. Additionally, this investigation will provide evidence extremely valuable in Jane Doe’s civil case.

NOTE: Protegga LLC respects the privacy of all parties involved in each of our computer forensics investigation cases and, therefore, will not disclose cause numbers, company or individual credentials, or other items that may lead to identification.