We Are Protegga

pro•teg•ga / pro-`tay-guh / v. to protect, defend, or guard

Protegga, established 2003, has been serving its clients in Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, and ESI Collections. During this time, Protegga has grown organically from a single person shop to a true Digital Forensics Lab through customer retention and referrals. Protegga is very proud of our:

  • Precise, Methodical, and Impartial approach to all matters
  • Strictly enforced Code of Ethics, “doing what is right, even when it’s not in our own best interest”
  • “State of the Art” forensic tools and procedures
  • Adherence to clear and concise reporting, documentation, and “chain of custody”
  • Finding the correct answers, when others can’t

About Our Services

Digital Forensics. Digital Forensics (a.k.a. Computer Forensics) is the collection, preservation, discovery, analysis, and presentation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) found on digital devices and the cloud. Protegga excels in finding the relevant evidence for our client’s matters and assisting in determining how this evidence can be applied.

eDiscovery. Protegga, through its partnership with Harbinger eDiscovery, is committed to providing the best, most cost-effective eDiscovery solutions for the identification, collection, preservation, analysis, and recovery of evidence. Harbinger is one of the highest performing and most functional tools available today for reviewing ESI.

ESI Collections. Protegga can forensically and defensibly capture Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from any source, anywhere, at any time. The highly trained, certified Digital Forensic Experts of Protegga utilize industry-leading collection technology to: collect ESI onsite or remotely, perform forensic imaging or targeted collections, and cost-effectively pre-filter ESI during, or after, collection.

Testifying Experts

The Digital Forensic Experts at Protegga are highly-qualified, certified, and licensed personnel with a minimum of three years experience in digital forensics. Protegga employs trained engineers, with inherent extreme attention to detail, and Corporate Information Technology professionals with a focus on security and/or ethical hacking.

All examiners at Protegga have been court tested and approved, and are full-time W-2 employees, not contractors. Each employee is provided with identical equipment and software, and all are required to follow our strict standards and procedures. The average tenure for a Protegga expert is in excess of ten years.

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No other firm matches Protegga's ability to catch digital evidence tampering or spoliation.

K.L.C., Attorney