Protegga can perform data collection, electronic evidence discovery, and digital forensic investigations on practically any electronic device. Bag & Tag™ is an inexpensive way to avoid any regrets later on. We fully document the device, seal it in an Evidence Bag, and then log it into a safe in our secure, monitored safe room for up to 2 years. All for just $250. Quick Peek™ Investigation: A Protegga Industry Exclusive. Protegga will accurately pull all the pieces together and break the technology code.
Computer Forensics

PROTEGGA only employs experienced, certified, and licensed Computer Forensic Experts that know how and where to find the evidence.

PROTEGGA'S Computer Forensic Experts are well known and feared in the industry because we deliver results when others can't. If your case hinges on digital forensic evidence, you will want PROTEGGA on your side. Don't put your case in the hands of an inexperienced and/or unlicensed provider.

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PROTEGGA utilizes best-in-class processes to identify, collect, recover, reconstruct, preserve, review, and produce electronic evidence.

Electronic Discovery or e-Discovery is the identification, collection, review, and production of information stored in electronic format, "ESI" or "Electronically Stored Information". Whether your organization requires just one step or all steps in the e-Discovery process PROTEGGA can provide you with a cost-saving, custom-tailored solution.

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Data Collection

Every e-Discovery request or Computer Forensic investigation starts with the collection of electronically stored information (ESI).

No one does data collection of electronically stored information more reliably, more affordably, or faster than PROTEGGA. Our certified experts use the best equipment and software in the industry coupled with exceptional procedures to give you the assurances you need that the data we collect for your case is forensically sound and defensible in court.

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Litigation Support

PROTEGGA also offers expert technical consultation and support services to attorneys in relation to current and pending cases.

PROTEGGA provides additional Litigation Support services to complement our Computer Forensics, e-Discovery and Data Collection services. Our litigation support services are tailored to each individual attorney's or firm's needs; including Project Management, Document Scanning, OCR Conversion, Blowbacks, Trial Graphics, Audio/Video Conversion, and more.

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R. Lance Fogarty is a CISSP certified by ISC2. R. Lance Fogarty and Grace Rubio are Certified Computer Examiners.

Certified Computer Examiners:
R. Lance Fogarty, Grace Rubio

PROTEGGA is committed to providing the most accurate, cost-effective solutions for the identification, collection, preservation, and analysis of evidence through our Computer Forensics, e-Discovery, Data Collection, and Litigation Support services.



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